Star Hobson’s bereaved grandfather died of an overdose only months after the tragic girl’s death.


Just months after the tragic girl’s death, Star Hobson’s bereaved grandfather died of an overdose.

An inquest heard that STAR HOBSON’S grieving grandfather died of a drug overdose just months after the child was murdered by his daughter’s lover.

According to an inquest on Wednesday, Andrew Smith, 50, died on June 16 after losing his battle with addiction and depression.

The father-of-seven went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to Bradford Royal Infirmary, but he was pronounced dead.

According to Bradford’s Coroner’s Court, Mr Smith died on his daughter Frankie Smith’s 20th birthday.

Last month, his daughter was sentenced to eight years in prison for her role in the death of the 16-month-old girl.

Savannah Brockhill, her partner at the time, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of a young child on September 22, 2020.

According to the court, toxic levels of methadone were discovered in Mr Smith’s blood, which was recorded as his cause of death.

Mr Smith had discharged himself from hospital just five days before his death after suffering a respiratory arrest as a result of a drugs overdose, according to the inquest.

Assistant Coroner Angela Brocklehurst read out a statement from one of his daughters, Jade Smith.

Her father, she said, was a gregarious and amusing person.

Mr Smith, on the other hand, had grown lonely and unhappy in his later years.

He had been a long-term drug user and had suffered from anxiety and depression for many years.

Mr. Smith had tried to overcome his addiction and had been sober for long periods of time before relapsing at various points throughout his life.

During a previous appointment in May 2021, traces of heroin, cocaine, cannabis, and methadone were discovered in his urine.

“He always tried to get away from them, but the drugs drew him back in; they gave him an escape when things got tough,” his daughter said.

“I tried to persuade him to stop using drugs, but it was a losing battle.”

“If he could go back in time, he’d live his life differently.”

Frank Smith, Mr Smith’s father, claimed that drugs had changed his son.

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“The post-mortem report found this was a methadone-related death,” Assistant Coroner Mrs Brocklehurst said.

“I discovered methadone toxicity as the cause of death, so I believe this was a drug-related death.”

“My heartfelt condolences and sympathies go out to Mr Smith’s family; Jade painted a picture of a man loved and supported by his family who tried to break free from his addiction; sadly, he did not succeed.”

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