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Staggering 100,000 teens to make last-minute scramble to swap university places following A-level U-turn

THE A-levels farce could see 100,000 teens in a last-minute scramble to change their university places.

Bosses are having to bring in extra staff to cope with a flood of phone calls from students who suddenly have better grades after the Government’s U-turn.

But they warned some of the more popular courses, such as medicine, already face being oversubscribed — so students might not be able to take up a place until next year.

Edward Peck, the vice-chancellor at Nottingham Trent University, told The Sun: “We have had to call in 200 staff. Calls are ten times as high as last year.

“But we are coping. It is a bit like a swap shop. We are hoping everything balances out in the end — that the numbers dropping out of courses are matched by the ones signing up.”

In a swipe at bungling Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, he said universities should now be left alone to fix the system.

He said: “Just leave us to sort it out would be my advice — they have done enough.”

Around a third of England’s 400,000 students did not get their first choice spot.

The Russell Group, representing the country’s top universities, said the situation was complicated further by Covid-19 measures including social distancing.

It said it was imperative to receive clarity on the provision of revised results — and the support that will be provided by the Government “as soon as possible”.

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