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Stacey Solomon reveals she’s considering fostering children with Joe Swash when her sons grow up and leave home

STACEY Solomon has revealed she’s considering fostering children with Joe Swash when her sons grow up and leave home.

The 30-year-old star said she has been inspired by Joe’s mum, who is a foster carer, and is keen to help displaced children later in life.

Stacey is mum to Zachary, 12, Leighton, eight, and Rex, 14 months, whom she shares with former Eastenders star, Joe.

She was asked whether she would share her home with people in need as the panel discussed Gary Lineker saying that he had offered his home to refugees.

She told the Loose Women panel today: “Joe’s mum is a foster carer and we’ve both had a discussion, that that is something we’d absolutely love to do.”

However, she hinted that she does want more biological kids with Joe first, as she doesn’t want to be on the pill long-term.

The star also spoke about her future with Joe, 38, after they welcomed baby Rex together last year.

Speaking about using birth control, she said on Loose Women yesterday: “I always expect the man to provide the birth control I don’t know if that is a generational thing.

“If I was to meet someone, which I don’t do these days, I would expect they would bring a condom with them, I wouldn’t bring it myself. I would not be automatically on the pill.”

Charlene then asked Stacey whether Joe has ever considered having a vasectomy to stop them having more kids.

Stacey revealed they haven’t had that discussion but she wouldn’t feel comfortable taking the pill long-term either.

She replied: “It’s not a conversation I’ve had with Joe because neither of us know if we have finished extending our family or not.

“But in a few years we would definitely have that conversation if we decided we didn’t want more children.

“Though I don’t think either of us would expect that, or for me to have my tubes tied.

“We would have to look at our other options…

“I personally would argue my case for not going on the contraceptive pill for a long time because that is not something I want to do…

“The only thing left would be a coil with no hormones.”

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