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Stacey Solomon proudly shows off her ‘absolute favourite’ stretchmarks on her hips that sparkle in the sunshine

STACEY Solomon has proudly shown off her “absolute favourite” stretchmarks on her hips that sparkle in the sunshine.

The mum-of-three, 30, has teamed up with Dove to help promote their new campaign, Skin Unfiltered, to encourage people to share unedited pictures of themselves on social media.

Stacey took to her Instagram Story to explain a bit more about the concept behind the body wash brand’s new movement, adding that studies have shown that “smooth and perfect” pictures affect our mental health more than we think.

The telly favourite then pulled up her top and stood in front of the mirror to proudly display her stretchmarks, while one-year-old Rex played with some toys in the background.

She told fans: “I thought I’d kick mine off by showing you my favourite stretchmarks.

“These are my favourite, not just because my hips had to grow so big so that I could get you and your brothers into this world, but also because in the sunshine they sparkle like glitter and I just love them.

“They go all around the back and they’re my absolute favourite.”

The star then posted an unedited snap of herself sitting down with a big smile on her face as she pulled up her t-shirt so that her 3.7m followers could see her au natural self.

She captioned the post: “Never be ashamed of who you are.

“Every tiny detail of your body tells a story of everything you’ve been through. All of the challenges you faced. The highs and lows of your story so far…”

Speaking about the campaign, Stacey added: “No matter how hard society or social media tries to tell us that we are not enough, women’s bodies are incredible and should be celebrated.

“I love my stretch marks, every inch of my body is part of my story, as a woman and as a mother, I wouldn’t change an inch.

“This is why I’m championing Dove’s campaign to share and celebrate my skin, stretch-marked and dimpled, to encourage other women to embrace the stories their own skin tells.

“Over the past few years, I’ve learned to embrace and love the body that I live in and I know that seeing other women’s real bodies is so empowering.

“I’m going to keep sharing images of my skin, unfiltered and hope other women will join me.”

Since her time in the public eye, the I’m A Celebrity star has been a proud advocate for body positivity and spoken out on her platforms to encourage people to feel good about themselves.

During her third pregnancy with Rex, fans praised the star for speaking so candidly about her body – as she shared pictures embracing her cellulite and extra body hair.

Just five months after giving birth, she delighted fans by keeping it real with some more candid bikini snaps while on holiday in the Maldives.

But Stacey’s not stopped there.

She proudly showed off her body in a striped bikini as she shared a bath with baby Rex back in January.

But Stacey has been spreading positive vibes for quite some time now, as she showed her “realistic” bikini body in a snap while on holiday in 2018.

The telly fave is so proud of her body and how it’s been able to conceive, grow and birth all of her children – 12-year-old Zachary, Leighton, eight and baby Rex.

Previously speaking to Fabulous Magazine about loving her body and accepting her imperfections, she said: “I actually think my body’s really cool.

“I like my little muffin top. I think it’s cool. I like my boobs. OK, they might be lower than the average 28 year old’s, but I think they’re all right.

“I just think: ‘Oh my god, I’ve produced and breastfed two children. How amazing is that?’”

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