Stacey Slater’s prison affair is revealed as her lover arrives in Walford?


Stacey Slater’s prison affair is revealed as her lover arrives in Walford?

Stacey Slater of EASTENDERS will be back in Walford soon, and she won’t be alone. Will the newcomer, however, be the convict’s latest lover?

In EastEnders, Stacey Slater’s (Lacey Turner) love life has seen many highs and lows, but the convict may have a surprise for Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) when she returns home. Stacey will come in Walford with new character Eve Unwin (Heather Peace), according to BBC soap spoilers, and the two will enjoy a “unique affinity.” Could Eve be Stacey’s newest love interest?

EastEnders CEO Kate Oates expressed her delight at Stacey’s impending comeback to this website and other media outlets.

“I’m thrilled to see Lacey Turner return to the Square as Stacey,” she stated.

“Stacey has met a new buddy in prison, and Eve – her cellmate on the inside and her new closest friend on the outside – will soon join her.

“However, everywhere Eve goes, havoc ensues. Eve’s sentence was often extended after she’d been imprisoned for a brief period of time: she simply can’t stay out of trouble.”

“However, now that Stacey is on probation, Jean is adamant that Eve will not lead her daughter down the wrong path,” she added.

“How far is Jean willing to go in order to keep Stacey on the straight and narrow?”

“We’re really enthusiastic about [Eve] and what that sort of friendship is going to be,” said Executive Producer Jon Sen.

“They return after sharing a prison experience that has brought them together in a very special friendship.”

Eve will waste no time in clashing with people closest to Stacey, according to EastEnders spoilers.

Jean will be fiercely protective of her daughter and will be furious if she discovers she has a negative influence on her.

Could Stacey and Eve, on the other hand, be more than simply pals and cellmates?

When the mother of three went to prison, her love life was practically non-existent, and her ex-husband had already moved on with Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton).

Stacey’s choice of partners has gotten her into a lot of problems in the past.

Will Eve be able to persuade Stacey to join her in a life of crime, or will the new couple choose to live on the square?

Heather Peace said of her new role on the BBC serial, “I’m very happy to be joining the cast of Eastenders, and I love my character, Eve.”


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