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Spice Girls plan to reboot smash hit Wannabe for 25th anniversary but ‘without’ Victoria Beckham

THE Spice Girls hope to reshoot the video for their smash-hit debut Wannabe to mark their 25th anniversary.

The idea came up after coronavirus forced them to forget a final, celebratory tour.

It is one of the ideas being kicked around by Mel C, 46, Emma Bunton, 44, Geri Horner, 47, and Mel B, 45.

Victoria Beckham, 46, is said to be “exceedingly unlikely” to be involved.

A source said: “The Spice Girls were hoping to hit the road in 2021 to mark their big anniversary but now it’s not possible because of the pandemic.

“They’re all in touch weekly and are trying to come up with new ideas on how they can do something special to mark the big day.

“Mel C suggested doing something around Wannabe — including the idea of possibly re-working the video for social media.

“There are so many options and nothing is off-limits. They want to give the fans something special.”

Wannabe, which hit No1 in 1996, was the group’s best-selling song.

The video was shot in the entrance and on the staircase of the former Midland Grand Hotel in St Pancras, London, after permission to film in Barcelona was denied.

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