Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd ‘moved to HMP Woodhill after being bullied’

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd has been moved to a different high-security jail after being bullied by other inmates.

Shepherd, 31, who is serving six years for the manslaughter of Charlotte Brown, 24, was transferred for his own safety to HMP Woodhill, near Milton Keynes.

He was being held at Wandsworth jail in South London but was moved after being spat at and is now locked up with murderers and terrorists at the Category A jail.

A prison source told The Sun that despite Woodhill being full of the ‘worst types’ it has more prison officers relative to the number of inmates.

‘Shepherd actually feels safer there than at Wandsworth where he claimed inmates were bullying him and he felt threatened.

‘When someone high-profile goes into prison, they will obviously become a target unless they can prove themselves.’ 

Ms Brown, from Clacton, Essex, died on her first date with Shepherd in 2015 when he took her for a drunken ride onto the Thames in his defective speedboat and it flipped.  

They were both were thrown into the icy water and Charlotte was found dead of dying when she was finally pulled out. 

He fled to Georgia ahead for ten months ahead of his trial last July and was convicted in his absence before he returned in April.

The convicted killer tried to fight his extradition, claiming that his life would be in danger if he returned to the UK to face justice. 

And speaking after Shepherd was moved, his lawyer Mariam Kublashvili said yesterday: ‘We said he faced threats and danger in a UK jail, not to mention a toxic and unfair attitude in and out of the prison system.

‘And now look what happened to him in a “safe” and “secure” British prison,’ she added. 

On his return to the UK, Shepherd was handed an extra six months in jail on top of his six-year sentence.

The father-of-one stood in the dock of Court No.8 at the Old Bailey looking sullen as he pleaded guilty to breaching bail and absconding before his trial.

While in Georgian capital Tblisi awaiting his extradition, Shepherd had claimed that Ms Brown’s actions had ‘led to the fatal accident’. 

While agreeing that he bore ‘some of the moral responsibility’, he claimed it was ‘ultimately Charlotte’s action to accelerate in the manner that she did, even though I failed to prevent her.’ 

The 14ft Fletcher Arrowflyte struck a submerged log near Wandsworth Bridge and overturned.

Speaking after he was finally sent to prison in the UK Miss Brown’s sister Katie struggled to hold back tears as she spoke of the agony the ordeal had caused the family.   

She said: ‘As a family we are relieved that Jack Shepherd is now back in the country and commencing his prison sentence. It’s a step closer to justice for Charli. 

‘Shepherd claims that Charli took control of his boat and was driving when it crashed on the Thames, this is based solely on his word, and is contradictory to eyewitness testimony.

‘During his time on the run in Georgia, both he and his legal team have stated various versions of events and accusations that are simply untrue, and due to the reckless and negligent actions of Shepherd, Charli isn’t here to defend herself.

‘Charli will never be returned to us, whereas Shepherd can continue his life with his family once he serves his sentence. 

‘He has not shown any real remorse or accountability for his actions, accusing Charli of being responsible for her own death as recently as this week. His lack of respect and decency continues to astound us,’ she added.   


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