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South Yarra driver tests positive to COVID-19 after Melbourne police launched in air during getaway

A driver has tested positive to coronavirus after allegedly flinging a police officer from a stolen car during a dramatic arrest.

Mobile footage captured the moment the man attempted to flee in an allegedly stolen car at Simmons Street, in South Yarra, Melbourne, on Friday evening.  

Two officers are seen approaching the vehicle and flank either side of the car.

They attempt to pull the 30-year-old driver out through the open doors before the driver quickly reverses the car.

The quick-thinking officer steps up onto the car and clings onto the door.

The vehicle crashes into nearby parked cars and the impact sends the officer flying through the air.

He slams against the side of another vehicle and escapes with only minor injuries. 

Police followed the vehicle as it turned into the next street before finally arresting the driver.

He was charged with aggravated intentional and reckless exposure of police officer to risk by driving, assault police, resist arrest, theft of motor vehicle and numerous traffic offences.

He could also be fined for potentially breaching the Chief Health Officer directions in the state.

The court heard on Monday he had tested positive to coronavirus.   

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