South West England is stunned by a’meteor’-caused’sonic boom’ filmed in the sky.


South West England is stunned by a’meteor’-caused’sonic boom’ filmed in the sky.

A METEOROID is thought to have created an earth-shaking “sonic boom” that shook parts of South West England.

Residents were stunned after hearing a huge blast that rocked windows and set off car alarms around 3 p.m. on Saturday. The deafening boom could be heard in three counties: Dorset, Devon, and Somerset.

A taxi driver in Jersey was able to capture footage of the item as it was believed to enter the atmosphere.

The bang was not linked to RAF action, according to the Ministry of Defence, while FlightRadar24 indicated no military jets in the region.

Police were perplexed as well, but ruled out any illegal activity.

Will Gater, an astronomer, believes the bright light was a bolide meteor and has recorded the boom.

“People in the Westcountry can go to bed tonight knowing that the rumble they heard this afternoon was probably certainly a chunk of space junk smashing into our atmosphere,” he said.

Mr Gater cited reliable sources and reports of a “disintegrating” meteor being seen in north-west France at the same time it was reported in the United Kingdom.

“I’m from Payhembury, and I just heard what sounded like a tremendous explosion,” a witness told Devon Live.

“It started with a loud bass-y boom that lasted about 20 seconds and was followed by a succession of popping noises.


At approximately 15:00 today, the BGS found no evidence of any seismic activity in the vicinity.

The descriptions supplied by members of the public, on the other hand, are congruent with those generally associated with a sonic boom.

“I checked, and people as far away as Dorset heard it as well.”

A “strange-looking aircraft in the sky” was seen by George Thorpe in the village of Exminster, near Exeter.

“Couldn’t get a picture because it was too hazy, and it was gone quite quickly,” he continued, “but it appeared capable of breaking the sound barrier.”

When an object breaks the sound barrier, which requires a speed of 770mph, a sonic boom occurs.

Meteors are pieces of rock that ignite as they enter Earth’s atmosphere.

According to Nasa, an estimated 48.5 tons of meteoritic debris falls on Earth every day.

“PROBABLE SONIC EVENT: SOMERSET, DEVON, AND DORSET,” the British Geological Survey tweeted.

Brinkwire Summary News: “BGS has no evidence of any seismic incident in the area at the approximate.”


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