‘Sophie Wessex was fantastic.’ In a regal discussion, Sarah Ferguson compliments her ex-sister-in-law.


‘Sophie Wessex was fantastic.’ In a regal discussion, Sarah Ferguson compliments her ex-sister-in-law.

SARAH FERGUSON applauded her former sister-in-law Sophie, Countess of Wessex, for taking on a taboo subject.

Sarah Ferguson promoted her book and the importance of self-acceptance on the discussion show Loose Women. Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, was also lauded by Ms Ferguson for her commitment to the key value of self-love and acceptance. Fergie insisted that Sophie Wessex was doing a fantastic job raising awareness about menopause difficulties.

“Princess Diana and I used to chat a lot about this, what it’s like to be on the front pages and people evaluating your size,” Ms Ferguson remarked.

“Today, from here, I speak frankly to you, saying it’s all right.

“To everybody watching, just be yourself, don’t give up, and keep fighting,” she said.

“I, too, am a work in progress.”

The host of Loose Women quipped that she understood how Ms Ferguson felt and that she would show her the fat rolls she had developed as a result of menopause.

Ms Ferguson responded by applauding Sophie Wessex’s efforts to de-stigmatize menopause.

“Can I just say something about menopause?” Ms Ferguson asked.

“I think Sophie Wessex does a fantastic job speaking about menopause.

“I believe I was fortunate in that I continued to seek assistance.

“I believe the secret to what you’ve said is to never be too proud to ask for assistance.”

Sophie Wessex talked about her menopause experience in a video conversation with Sarah Jane Cale, proprietor of the Positive Menopause website, earlier this year.

“Really, we should be enjoying the fact that we no longer have periods; it should be a release, but it seems like a shackle,” she remarked.

“It’s been described as really negative.

“Yes, it is an admission that we are getting older, that we are not as young as we once were, that we are being, to use the word ‘productive,’ that we have passed that stage, and it is a moment to recognize it.”

Sophie received a slew of encouraging replies from critics who praised her for bringing up the sometimes-thorny subject.


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