Sophie Wessex recalls a poignant encounter with a blind donor, saying, “It was so natural.”


Sophie Wessex recalls a poignant encounter with a blind donor, saying, “It was so natural.”

While serving as the patron of a sight loss organization, SOPHIE WESSEX enjoyed a meaningful and “natural” moment with a blind benefactor.

In recent months, the countess has pushed farther into the spotlight to fill the void created by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s choice to leave their royal duties.

Since quitting their private projects in the early 1990s, Sophie and her husband, Prince Edward, have been working on behalf of the Queen. Despite this, they have recently established themselves as a dependable source of support for the monarch, with Sophie apparently being a favorite of her mother-in-law due to her dedication to the Royal Family.

Ann Gripper hosts Pod Save the Queen, which this week features Olivia Curno and Monica Smith of the Vision Foundation, a charity that Sophie supports.

Ms Curno recounted a heartwarming and “natural” interaction between the Countess of Wessex and Ms Smith, who is blind, as part of the charity’s crucial work.

Sophie was surrounded by paparazzi after a charity tandem bike ride.

“She had to have stood for 15 or 20 minutes conversing with Monica and the other visually impaired people,” Ms Curno said.

“I don’t believe she was manipulating what she said; she was really spontaneous, and she even had a great moment of taunting our Head of Communications.

“There were all these large professional cameras, then our Head of Communications with a go pro, and she saw him in the middle of his sentence and asked, ‘What happened there?’ That’s the tiniest camera on the planet.’

“She mocked him a little and then turned to Monica, suddenly realizing she wasn’t part of the conversation anymore because Monica couldn’t see the camera.

“She took Monica’s hand in hers and said, ‘His Camera is this large,’ and drew a picture of it on her hand.”

“That has obviously come fully from her heart,” Ms Smith remarked.

“No one ever told her that this is how you describe something to a partially sighted person.”

“It seemed extremely human, very normal, and quite natural,” Ms Curno said.

Indeed, when the Earl and Countess of Wessex married in 1999, they both wanted to continue working while serving as royals.

Sophie kept her own public relations agency, RJH, going.

However, after a tabloid reporter pushed her to resign as chairman in 2001, she was obliged to stand aside. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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