Sophie Wessex, enraged by the Queen’s banquet address, says, “I shan’t forget the look I got.”


Sophie Wessex, enraged by the Queen’s banquet address, says, “I shan’t forget the look I got.”

An rediscovered documentary revealed that SOPHIE WESSEX once held up a state banquet address minutes before the Queen was scheduled to speak.

In recent months, the Countess of Wessex has become a popular member of the Royal Family.

Sophie and Prince Edward have been tasked with filling some of the hole left by Harry and Meghan’s departure from prominent royal roles following Prince Philip’s death.

This year, the pair gave numerous interviews and made numerous public appearances, with Edward becoming one of the first family members to address the public following the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

Sophie is said to be a favorite of the Queen because of her dedication to the Firm, and the two have been seen walking and riding together across Windsor Park.

Her marriage to Edward, the monarch’s youngest son, and their close-knit family are also credited with helping to restore the Royal Family’s reputation during a period of turmoil.

Sophie said she would never forget the “look” Her Royal Highness gave her after she delayed proceedings at a state banquet to find her seat, despite having emerged as a trustworthy source of support for Her Royal Highness in recent times.

In honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the 2013 ITV documentary Our Queen explores the main events that have distinguished her reign. It incorporates interviews with senior Royal Family members and celebrities alike.

“The instant you go into a ballroom at Buckingham Palace, it’s terrifying,” Sophie acknowledged when addressing state banquets.

“When you see a wall of people, you say to yourself, ‘Oh help, I need to find my chair.’

“Because I usually come in with someone who hasn’t been before, they have no idea what they’re doing, and I have to admit that I’ve sat in the wrong seat on more than one occasion.

The countess also giggled at a time when she couldn’t find her seat as the sovereign was getting ready to give a speech.

Sophie was still discussing seating arrangements when the Queen became irritated.

“But I’ll never forget the expression I got when I couldn’t find my chair and [the Queen]was about to do her speech,” Sophie recalled.

“Next, I’m going to review my notes a little more closely.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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