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Son has to CARRY his dad out of an store after he launched into a tantrum over people wearing masks

A father threw an epic temper tantrum in an Arizona grocery store over its policy requiring masks, and needed to be carried out of the store by his son. 

The wild altercation was filmed last Saturday at a Sprouts Farmers Market off River Road in Tucson.

On July  15, Pima County issued a mask mandate ordering all residents to wear face coverings as the state continued to see a surge in coronavirus cases. Most businesses have also required patrons to wear masks in order to come inside.

In the brief clip, the irate dad launches into his tirade about masks after he was refused service in the grocery store. 

‘These people won’t learn,’ he declares in the cell phone video. ‘You’re a bunch of idiots wearing masks you know its not real.’

As he repeatedly uses the r-word, a crowd of similarly mask-less people surround him and try to get him to calm down. 

The angry man turns his attention to various customers trying to shop.  

‘Look at you fools you have a f*****g doily on your face you r****d,’ he says. ‘It looks like you got it off your mom’s countertop.’  

As more mask wearers approach the father, he starts yelling at them to come outside so that they can show him how ‘tough’ they are.

‘I’ll beat that f*****g mask off your face,’ he asserts as people tell him to stop yelling at people.

It is then that the man’s son comes up and starts pushing him back, which causes the angry father to get even more bolder in his threats. 

‘You’re all a bunch of p*****s wearing masks,’ he says as his son picks him up and carries him out of the store. 

The man screams more profanities as he is carried out the store, finishing off his tantrum by destroying one of the displays outside the store.

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