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Social influencers trying to buy ‘likes’ in exchange for toilet roll or pasta spark anger in Germany

Two German social media influencers have been criticised for trying to exploit the coronavirus crisis by offering toilet paper and pasta for social media ‘likes.’

Model Stephanie Lindner who has 47,000 followers on Instagram and her boyfriend Michael Bauer, who has more than 140,000, posed in pictures surrounded by stacks of toilet roll, holding cases of Corona beer and packets of pasta.

They offered a ‘coronavirus survival pack’ containing the loo roll, pasta and beer for anybody who shared their profiles with friends, followed them and liked some of their photos.

But their efforts backfired and they were faced with furious reactions before they deleted the posts. It comes as Germany had 4,954 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, bringing its total to 36,508. 

One angry web user said of Lindner and Buer’s post: ‘You’re posting pictures there where pictures should not be made.

‘This is the most embarrassing post of 2020.’

And another added: ‘Giving away free toilet paper in order to get more followers – how can you even look at yourself in the mirror’.

The pair later deleted the images but they had already been copied and were being re-shared on social media. 

When contacted by local newspaper Bild the two were unavailable for comment. 

However online the Mr Germany 2015 runner-up Bauer, who was also a star of the local version of the Bachelor in Paradise, said: ‘I don’t understand how everybody can misunderstand this and turn things into a negative.’

He said he just wanted to distract people from their troubles and have a bit of fun.  

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