So, what exactly are we waiting for?! Boris Johnson has called for a ban on EU supertrawlers raiding UK waters.


So, what exactly are we waiting for?! Boris Johnson has called for a ban on EU supertrawlers raiding UK waters.

EU SUPERTRAWLERS have been captured plundering Britain’s rich stockpiles by breaking into protected locations around the country.

Greenpeace has made a frantic plea to the UK to use Brexit as an opportunity to strengthen protections for marine protected areas. Despite the fact that the UK has left the EU, super and bottomtrawlers are still allowed to operate in specific locations, allowing them to “tear off everything” in their path, according to Greenpeace. Both have wreaked havoc in marine protected zones, according to Chris Thorne. It’s like “driving a bulldozer” through a forest, according to Greenpeace’s Oceans Manager.

Despite the government’s claims to be a world leader in marine conservation, Mr Thorne warned that the UK’s marine protected areas must be “leveled up” to prevent ecosystem catastrophe.

“Bottomtrawlers drag heavy-weighted gear down the seabed, tearing things off indiscriminately,” he told this website.

“You could equate that to operating a bulldozer in a protected region, which is something that should never be done.

“This is especially true given the fact that numerous marine protected areas have been established explicitly to safeguard the bottom.

“Then there are supertrawlers, which are huge ships that are more than 100 meters long.

“They can also catch and process hundreds of tonnes of fish per day.

“And, while their fishing gear does not come into contact with the bottom, it’s evident that removing that much from an ecosystem in purportedly protected areas has a huge knock-on effect for the remainder of that ecosystem, which is supposed to be protected.

“As a result, we have a shattered network of protected places that the government must repair.”

There are currently 76 marine protected areas along the UK’s coastline.

Despite being designated as a protected area, Mr Thorne claims there are no sufficient or strict enforcement procedures in place to deter supertrawlers from engaging in barbarous behavior.

These massive ships not only harm the seafloor, but they also drive local fishing towns out of business.

“If we don’t level up these marine protected zones and outlaw harmful fishing tactics, it will become increasingly difficult for our small-scale fishing fleet to make a living,” Mr Thorne added.

“There will be these industrial vessels working free, so there will be less fish, and it will be more difficult for small-scale fishermen.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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