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So long Rex! Names such as a Poppy, Max and Alfie now among the most popular pet names in Britain

Pet owners in Britain are as likely to call their dog or cat names such as Poppy, Max or Alfie as they are their children, new research has revealed.

Names including Molly, Rosie and Ruby are now taking the lead over more traditional pet names such as a Rex and Rover.

It means that nine out of ten of the most popular pet names given to dogs and cats were also given to babies in Britain last year.

The figures, put together by animal wellbeing specialist Itch Pet, and reported in The Times today, come from analysis of more than 100,000 pets in 2019.

The data shows that for popular dog names there were 14 out of 20 names on the newborn list, while for popular cat names there were 11 out of 20.

Bella was the most popular name for dogs and the second most popular for cats last year.

It was also the 50th most popular name for baby girls in 2019. 

Other popular names for cats include Luna, which was the 32nd most popular for girls.

Charlie, the fifth most popular boys name, was also the fifth most popular cats name in 2019.

The number one name for baby boys in 2019 was Muhammad and for girls it was Olivia.

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