Snow in the United Kingdom: A ‘powerful Icelandic low’ is expected to plunge the United Kingdom into a ‘wintry’ and bitter -10°C freeze.


Snow in the UK: A ‘powerful Icelandic low’ is expected to plunge the UK into a ‘wintry’ and bitter -10C freeze.

UNSTABLE WINDS, as well as some snow and rainy outbreaks, are expected to dominate British weather this weekend, with temperatures dropping to a bone-chilling -10C in parts of Scotland.

There are no weather warnings for Saturday or Sunday as of this writing.

However, as of midnight on Friday, two yellow ice warnings covering an area ranging from South Wales to mid-southern England and North West England to Western Scotland had expired.

Weather forecasters predict a “typical winter” temperature and precipitation for the weekend ahead.

“Temperature will not stay far from the normal range for the first half of January,” Jim Andrews, a meteorologist at, told this website.

“Neither a deep freeze nor warm waves will be experienced by the majority of people.

“On Saturday, a strong occluded front will be dragged across the UK from west to east by a powerful Icelandic Low (depression).”

“Along the way, this weather system will bring widespread showery to rainy outbreaks, as well as blustery winds.”

The coldest weather of the weekend will arrive Saturday morning, ahead of the aforementioned front.

“Frosts to -1C or -2C will occur in many areas away from south- and west-facing shores, with lows of around -10C possible in sheltered Northern Scotland,” Mr Andrews said.

“Overall, these areas, as well as the rest of the UK, will warm quickly enough with the arrival of precipitation to limit the occurrence of wintry outbreaks on Saturday.”

Rainy outbreaks, on the other hand, may cause some unpleasant experiences for commuters, according to experts.

Rainfall will be highest along the western side of Great Britain, from North West Scotland to Cornwall, with 2 to 4 cm possible.

“A few of these outbreaks will be wintry or snowy, especially over higher ground,” Mr Andrews predicted.

“For most people in the UK, the weather will be nothing more than a ‘rainy day’ inconvenience.”

“However, early Saturday morning hill crossings may have wintry traction, so proceed with caution.”

The Met Office has forecasted a “milder” January, with temperatures in the UK hovering around 11-12 degrees Celsius.

“We will see a lot of clouds in the month of January,” Greg Dewhurst told this website. “However, the expected temperature will be between 11-12C, with the lowest temperature being around 3-6C.”

“Following,” Mr Andrews said, echoing previous predictions.

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