Slow showers bring severe downpours and thunder, according to the BBC. ‘If caught, you’ll know!’


Slow showers bring severe downpours and thunder, according to the BBC. ‘If caught, you’ll know!’

Slow-moving rains are expected to cause misery in some parts of the UK, with persistent clouds bringing furious rain and thunder that will last for much of the day – but Wimbledon and the Euros are expected to be spared.

Carol Kirkwood, a forecaster for BBC Breakfast, said While rains will be more dispersed over the UK for today and the rest of the week, those who are affected will be aware of it. Heavy, lasting showers could bring thunder, according to Ms Kirkwood, although the downpours are unlikely to impact Wembley, where tonight’s Euros contest is being played, or Wimbledon. Because temperatures are expected to stay in the mid-20s, the east of England and the midlands will take the brunt of the poor weather.

Ms Kirkwood said on BBC Breakfast that the weather will be more settled for the rest of the week, but that some regions may be hit by rain and possible thunderstorms.

“Some of these showers have been amazing in the previous few days, and we’ve got more showers in the next few days as well,” she told the show.

“Some of those will be torrential downpours with thunder, and some will be slow-moving, so if you get caught in one, you’ll be aware of it.

“We have some rain in the radar picture across parts of the northeast.

“We have showers across the rest of the map, as well as rain in the southwest.”

“Quite a bit of mist and fog localized over the southwest this [Wednesday] morning, as well as in the hills in the west,” Ms Kirkwood stated.

“However, as the day progresses, it should dry off a bit in the northeast, the cloud will break, and we’ll get some sunlight – but that could trigger some showers in and of itself.

“Again, some heavy and thundery ones, especially across Wales, the Midlands, and into northern England through Lincolnshire.

“Now that it’s raining, we won’t all catch one, and there’s less of a chance of catching one at Wimbledon today, but we can’t count it out completely.”

“However, by the time the game starts at Wembley later on, this should be starting to ease.”

At 8 p.m. on Wednesday, England will meet Denmark in the next leg of the Euros at Wembley Stadium.

“Throughout.” she added. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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