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Slow cooker garlic bread quiche is the isolation dinner recipe all of Australia is talking about

As families around Australia head into self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, more people are thinking of creative meals to make in the kitchen.

Posting to the Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips Facebook page, one savvy cook has revealed her recipe to make a garlic bread quiche in the slow cooker – ideal for isolation.

‘We are smitten! Definitely a winner in my household, will definitely be making this again, and again and again! Nobody could get their seconds fast enough,’ the home cook wrote online. 

The meal is sure to fill the stomachs of hungry children and takes two and a half hours to bake in the slow cooked.

To create the tasty, simplistic dish simply line the slow cooker with garlic bread and a few bacon pieces on the bottom to avoid the mixture seeping through.

Then after combining together the eggs, onion, bacon and cheese to form the filling, pour the mixture into the centre of the slow cooker.

Cook for two and a half hours and allow for a five minute resting time before serving.

Since the post was published online it has received more than 500 likes and shares with numerous comments.

‘Looks really yummy,’ one user said, another added: ‘okay wow game changer’.

‘Family coronavirus movie night!’ a third joked and approved of the family friendly dish. 

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