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Single mum reveals simple trick which has slashed her monthly food bill – and it takes seconds

WE may spend hours writing the shopping list every week – but the second we step foot in a supermarket, all our planning goes straight out the window.

One person who knows a little something about this is Jo Abi – a single mum from Australia who would always mindlessly add things to her basket without really considering how they impacted her budget.

In a personal essay for 9Honey, the savvy mum revealed how she shaved £30 off her monthly shopping bill by removing two items she’d impulsively picked up when she gets to the check out.

Following the advice of money-saving expert Cherie Lowe (author of Slaying the Debt Dragon), Jo explained how this step saves her £7.50 every time she does a food shop – which equates to £360 a year.

And while it might make for an awkward interaction at the till, the mum wrote: “I’ve often had to hand back items at the checkout simply because I went over budget and by ‘I went over budget I mean I didn’t have enough money to cover my purchases.”

What’s more, Jo said she’d struggle to keep count of what she was spending and the life hack encourages her to “put back things [she] doesn’t need”.

And as for the irresistible sweets that are often placed by the check out, Jo has a way around that too.

She added: “Make it the job of your kids to return the items while you are lining up waiting for your turn at the checkout.

“Then instead of them spending those last few minutes at the supermarket bugging you for some of the cheap sweet treats crammed at every check out point at supermarkets around the country, they can keep themselves busy trying to return the fancy Spanish olive oil you bought, when no-name will do.”

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