Simply throw it out! As the battle of words with the EU heats up, Lord Frost is urging the government to rip up the Brexit deal.


BRITONS have urged Lord Frost to scrap the Brexit trade deal with the EU, as a war of words with the bloc threatens to escalate.

This website readers have made clear they want Lord David Frost, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office, to tear up the Brexit trade deal over issues with Northern Ireland.

The UK’s negotiator is expected to use a speech on Tuesday to stress the need for “significant change” on the Northern Ireland Protocol in order to repair tensions between the EU and UK.

But ahead of the speech, Simon Coveney, Ireland’s Foreign Minister, took to Twitter to say he does not believe that the UK wants to resolve issues on the border.

The comments, where he questioned whether the UK Government “want an agreed way forward or a further breakdown in relations”, led to a stinging rebuke from Lord Frost.

Now This website readers have urged the Brexit negotiator to “bin the rotten NIP”.

One reader said: “If you want to get the attention of the peasants then you’re going to have to bin the rotten NIP and let the little people and the rest of the EU sort out their problems.

“We’ve tried and the EU has failed, so just bin it.”

Another added: “The level of the EU’s unforeseen and wilful misinterpretation of the NIP is astonishing.”

More readers chimed in to skewer the EU for their alleged refusal to budge on the Protocol.

One mocked Mr Coveney for complaining about Lord Frost’s expected remarks on social media, saying: “Using Twitter as a means for serious negotiation is unbelievable. No wonder it is called Twitter.”

They then added: “This is just merely another example of the way in which EU Brussels Headquarters try to conduct their affairs.

“Instead of doing things properly, they resort to using one of their foot soldiers to act as a twitterer. Unbelievable.”

Another reader said: “(Leo) Varadkar and Coveney played politics with the NI border.

“Now the inevitable will happen if the EU does not make the change to the NIP that is required to restore the balance.”

The row erupted on Sunday when Mr Coveney questioned the UK’s intent on social media.

He said: “EU working seriously to resolve practical issues with implementation of Protocol – so UKG creates a new “red line” barrier to progress, that they know EU can’t move on….. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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