Signing an all-female Brazilian team strengthens Team Liquid’s ‘Valorant’ roster.


Signing an all-female Brazilian team strengthens Team Liquid’s ‘Valorant’ roster.

According to DotESports, Team Liquid, one of the most well-known names in eSports, has signed an all-female “VALORANT” team from Brazil, which includes members of the team formerly known as Gamelanders Purple.

Paola “drn” Caroline, Natália “daiki” Vilela, Ana Beatriz “naxy” Gomes, Paula “bstrdd” Nagiul, and Natália “nat1” Meneses are among the members of the team.

The official announcement of the signing was made by Team Liquid on Twitter:

A new story has begun.

A new opportunity to reach the top has presented itself.

A new chance to rise to the top hYheLY2dFF pic.twitter.comhYheLY2dFF

January 9, 2022 — Team Liquid BR (@TeamLiquidBR)

Coach Andre “palestra” Gomes will accompany them.

This news comes after G2 eSports signed another all-female roster from Brazil, G2 Gozen, according to TheSportsRush.

Team Liquid now has a new roster to compete in the upcoming VCT Game Changers, which is one of several events that will kick off the “Valorant” season in 2022.

Team Liquid CEO Steve Arhancet seems ecstatic about the newcomer, claiming that the women have put in a lot of effort to “show the world just what they’re capable of.”

The eSports behemoth has strengthened its position in the Brazilian market with this signing.

This new “Valorant” team joins “Free Fire,” “Rainbow Six Siege,” and the massively popular battle royale game “Fortnite” on their roster.

SambaDigital has dubbed the country’s competitive gaming scene “a sleeping giant,” with Twitch viewership of popular eSports increasing, and the Brazilian gaming industry earning (dollar)1.5 billion in 2019.

This sector is also expected to grow by 5.3 percent this year, according to experts.

However, “Valorant” is not the most popular game there.

“League of Legends” takes the top spot, followed by “CS:GO,” “Rainbow Six Siege,” and “Free Fire.”

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How Good Is the New Team Liquid ‘Valorant’ Team?

The short answer is that it’s quite good.

It’s almost as if he’s lording it over you.

And the team’s recent performance in competitions demonstrates this.

According to VLRgg, Gamelanders Purple was ranked 6th in the Brazilian Game Changers Circuit with a 31-2 win-loss record.

The team won 13 games in total, including two appearances in the Top 32 of the VCT 2021 Brazil Stage Two Challengers Open Qualifiers.

So far, they’ve proven to be a great signing, but

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