Show some empathy! The SNP has been chastised for refusing to grant a dying man’s wish.


Show some empathy! The SNP has been chastised for refusing to grant a dying man’s wish.

The SNP government of NICOLA STURGEON has been branded “heartless” after it turned down a desperate plea from the daughter of a dying man.

According to his family, Iain Soutar is getting palliative care after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and could die in days. Laura Soutar, his Dubai-based daughter, is quarantining in Majorca, Spain, for ten days after the Scottish Government declined to exempt her from the requirement to self-isolate in Scotland.

It’s possible that by the time she gets to visit her father, he’ll have died.

The family from Milngavie, Scotland, pleaded with the Scottish National Party (SNP) to free her from quarantine, but they refused.

Following the revelation, the Scottish Conservatives asked that Ms Sturgeon grant her a compassionate exemption.

“This is a tragic example, and the government ought to be more flexible in instances like this, particularly at this late stage of the pandemic,” Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Rossis said.

“There are situations when it’s appropriate to make an exception, and this is unquestionably one of them.

“I have a clear question for (First Minister) Nicola Sturgeon and (Health Secretary) Humza Yousaf: if this awful situation does not qualify as compassionate circumstances, what does?

“It’s inhumane to deny Laura the opportunity to hug her father and be with her family during this terrible moment. This choice must be reversed as soon as possible, before it is too late.”

“I just want to be home with my dad, spending these last days, weeks, with him,” Ms Soutar told the BBC from her hotel room in Majorca.

Rebecca McCarron, his second daughter, added, “We feel like we’re counting down the days till Laura comes home, but we’re also counting down the days my dad’s been left with us.”

“My father wants my sister to return home. My father is clinging to my sister.

“He’s stated it himself, and he’s promised Laura he’ll be here when she returns, and that’s all we can hope for right now.”

Their pleadings have so far been ignored, with the Scottish Government refusing to grant them an exception.

The Scottish Government expressed its sympathies to the family in a statement to the BBC, but added that the isolation measures needed to be tight “to minimise the possibility of new strains of the.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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