Should the UK start sending vaccines to other countries immediately, according to a poll?


Should the UK start sending vaccines to other countries immediately, according to a poll?

By the end of June, the United States had provided 80 million Covid vaccines to the countries that had been affected the worst, and it was still rolling out on a large scale, but there have been no reports of the United Kingdom giving vaccines to countries in need.

Before the end of the month, this website wants to know if you think Boris Johnson should start exporting vaccines to countries in need. Take our survey and tell us what you think in the comments. In the United Kingdom, 69.1% of the population has had their first dose. Despite the fact that the vaccination has been delivered to a lesser proportion of the population (56.2%), the United States continues to give away around 13% of its vaccines – more than any other country on the planet.

“We need to help battle disease around the world to keep us safe here at home and to do the right thing of helping other people,” President Joe Biden stated.

Unicef claimed in May that the United Kingdom could have given 100 million vaccination pills without disrupting its domestic rollout. That means Britain has enough vaccines to fully vaccinate every adult in the country – plus a third booster for high-risk groups – and still had 100 million left over.

Despite accusations of “vaccine hoarding,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson has steadfastly refused to donate vaccines until the UK population is safeguarded.

Sir Jeremy Farrar, a leading scientist, and Steven Waugh, the executive director of Unicef UK, wrote an open letter to Mr Johnson ahead of the G7 summit on June 11, urging him to “show historic leadership” by donating 20% of the UK’s Covid vaccinations to other countries.

“Three months ago, you proudly declared that the United Kingdom will share vaccines with the rest of the world,” the letter said. Now it’s up to you to make this vow a reality.

“The immunization program in the United Kingdom has been a huge success and has already saved many lives.

“However, too many countries throughout the world currently lack doses to protect healthcare personnel and the most vulnerable.

“As long as any single country is combating the virus, the world will remain unsafe. If we don’t act now, we risk reversing our hard-won gains.

“The virus will continue to change as long as it is circulated.”

In response, Mr Johnson stated that the United Kingdom will. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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