Should the taxpayer-funded royal budget, which currently stands at £85.9 million, be reduced?


Should the royal budget, which is funded by taxpayers, be cut from £85.9 million?

In the year 20202021, the SOVEREIGN GRANT was £85.9 million, or £1.29 per UK taxpayer.

But, should the budget be cut? Take our poll to find out.

The Queen’s household receives the Sovereign Grant, which pays for official travel, property maintenance, and operating costs.

Buckingham Palace, with its 775 rooms, 77,000 square meters of floor space, and swimming pool, is the most expensive royal residence, costing £1.1 million per year to run.

In 20192020, the Queen, who is 95 years old, received around £25 million in income from her private estate, the Duchy of Lancaster.

HM Treasury administers the Sovereign Grant.

Her Majesty gives the Government the revenue from The Crown Estate in exchange for this public support.

In 2019-2020, this amounted to £345 million.

The Queen’s land, property, and assets are valued at £549 million.

The Duchy of Cornwall, a property and business portfolio owned by the Royal Family worth an estimated £923.8 million, provides funding for Charles and his heirs.

The Grant supported nearly 3,200 official engagements by members of the Royal Family across the UK and abroad in 2019-20, with the Queen participating in 296 of them.

Despite the fact that royal engagements have slowed in the last two years due to the Covid pandemic, the Queen still has 192 engagements on her schedule, with 118 of them taking place virtually in 2021.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles, the busiest of all the Royals, attended only 56 of his appointments in person.

He attended 277 events, while the Duchess of Cornwall personally attended 146 of the 157 engagements.

In November, at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, he gave one of his most powerful speeches, imploring world leaders to act on climate change.

“I can only urge you, as the world’s decision-makers, to find practical ways of overcoming differences so that we can all get down to work, together, to save this precious planet and save our young people’s threatened future,” the Duke of Cornwall said.

With 284 engagements last year, Princess Anne was right behind Prince Charles.

Kate attended fewer events than Sophie Wessex, attending 84 of her 119 engagements in person, while Prince William managed to attend 108 of his 223 appearances in person.

Just as individuals, William and Kate are estimated to be worth over £25 million – thanks to.

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