Should Piers Morgan return to GMB following his triumph over Meghan Ofcom’s complaints?


Should Piers Morgan return to GMB following his triumph over Meghan Ofcom’s complaints?

Piers Morgan’s remarks regarding Meghan Markle did not violate the OFCOM’s code of conduct, according to the regulator. Mr Morgan has now inquired, “Do I get my job back?” This website wants to know if you think he should be rehired by Good Morning Britain (GMB).

In March, the broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, received almost 58,000 complaints regarding Piers Morgan’s remarks about Meghan Markle after she and Prince Harry appeared on Oprah Winfrey. The broadcasting regulator stated in a 97-page judgement that while Piers’ comments were “possibly damaging and disrespectful,” they did not violate the broadcasting law.

The decision has far-reaching implications for modern notions of free expression in the fields of journalism and television.

“The interview between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Oprah Winfrey featured significant allegations, and it was appropriate for this show to explore and scrutinize those claims, including their veracity,” according to Ofcom regulators.

“Ofcom is clear that, consistent with his right to free expression, Mr Morgan was entitled to declare he didn’t believe the Duke and Duchess’ charges and to have and express strong opinions that vehemently disputed their story.

“The Code permits individuals to express passionately held and powerfully articulated opinions, including potentially damaging or extremely offensive views, and broadcasters to include these views in their programs.

“Limitation of such ideas, in our opinion, would be an unjustified and stifling restriction on both the broadcaster’s and the audience’s freedom of expression.”

However, many of the Duchess’s supporters were disappointed by the choice.

“Shows you how important anyone’s mental health, bullying, and defamation are to their”code,” one person said. Actually, it’s quite revolting.”

Piers went to the internet this morning to celebrate his victory following the Ofcom decision.

“Ofcom’s vindication of me is a tremendous win for freedom of expression and a resounding defeat for Princess Pinocchios who think we should all be bound to believe every fork-tongued word they say,” he wrote in a personal column.

“I’m happy Ofcom has validated my freedom to mistrust the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s explosive comments to Oprah Winfrey, many of which have shown to be untrue,” he said on Twitter.

“Will I be able to keep my job?”

“So what does @ITV do about @piersmorgan’s position at @gmb now that @Ofcom has cleared the programme and the.”Brinkwire Summary News,” ITV Royal Editor Chris Ship tweeted.


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