Should Freedom Day be postponed as the number of Covid cases rises across the UK? VOTE


Should Freedom Day be postponed as the number of Covid cases rises across the UK? VOTE

Should Boris Johnson postpone ‘Freedom Day’ since CORONAVIRUS infections are on the rise across the country, causing anxiety among health professionals in the UK?

Case levels around the country are reaching new highs not seen since the January spike, prompting some health professionals to ask for a postponement of the lockdown’s end. With that in mind, today’s poll on our website asks, “Should Freedom Day be postponed as Covid cases surge across the UK?” The UK reported the largest number of instances since January 15 ahead of the country’s “Freedom Day” on Monday.

According to government statistics, 54,674 instances were registered today, compared to 55,761 on January 15th.

As a result, the UK’s seven-day average has increased to 32,170.9 as of July 7.

In terms of deaths, the United Kingdom has reported a total of 41 within 28 days of receiving a positive test result.

This marks a 47.9% gain from the week ending July 10th.

Hospitalizations have also increased across the country, with the UK recording 740 new admissions.

There have been 4,313 hospitalizations reported in the last seven days, up from 1,219 the week before – a 39.4 percent increase.

Some doctors have suggested that continuing to ease the safeguards is “madness” because of the large numbers.

Professor Christina Pagel, an operational research professor at University College London (UCL), believes it is incorrect to proceed as the number of cases continues to rise.

“I’m p****d off, depressed, and angry,” she stated.

“We’re conversing in the incorrect way. It’s insane to open on Monday.

“It’s not something we should be doing.

“Right now, we should be talking about how to get cases down.

“According to a survey commissioned by Sir Patrick Vallance, we’ll be getting 20,000 to 30,000 cases of new extended Covid every single day at its peak.

“What are we doing to our youth, children, and the most vulnerable among us?” It’s just not right.”

“The idea of allowing the illness to spread throughout the population, infecting many young people who have not been given the best protection after young people have sacrificed so much for the older generation, is wrong and we are letting them down,” Dr Kit Yates, a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath, added.

“The conversation shouldn’t be about whether it’s appropriate to proceed; it should be about how we bring cases.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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