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Shoppers claim a $2.99 Aldi chocolate is BETTER than the Cadbury version

Australian chocolate connoisseurs are confessing their love for Aldi’s $2.99 Choceur range – with many of them saying it’s the supermarket’s ‘best kept secret’ and better than Cadbury.

When Adelaide mother Erin shared an image of the Choceur Hazelnut Creme block to Instagram she started a conversation about the brand and its likeness to Cadbury’s Marble block.

This particular pack of Choceur has five mini chocolate bars inside – so it can be shared amongst friends – with a milk chocolate outer and hazelnut filling.

‘This is better than Cadbury’s Marble and those old school seashell chocolates. Thanks Aldi for having the best chocolate,’ she wrote.

It’s also 50 cents cheaper than the Cadbury block of the same vein, which is on supermarket shelves for $3.50. 

It wasn’t long before fans of hers responded, saying that ‘Aldi chocolate is so underrated’ and worth stocking up on.

The Hazelnut Creme creation is served differently in the ‘Choceur Liviano’ range, which features seven small bars for $2.49.

It has been likened to eating a Kinder Bueno bar, which is normally $1 per bar.

‘I think it’s like a little secret that Aldi has the best chocolate ever and this is a dupe for Bueno – yum!’ TikTok star Merna said in a video 

In 2018 the Liviano bar featured in Aldi’s Product of the Year awards because it had been so popular among customers. 

The Choceur Milk and White Chocolate bar is a dupe for Cadbury’s Top Deck, and they also sell a traditional milk chocolate and white chocolate on their own which rivals Cadbury’s.

Aldi has curated 19 different flavours in the range, with unique options like Rum, Raisin and Nut, Coffee and Cream and Salted Pretzel.

There is a Facebook page called ‘Aldi Chocolate’ for those who believe the German supermarket sell the ‘best’ sweets – and it has more than 500 fans. 

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