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Shoppers are losing their minds over mums ‘genius’ $21 Kmart meal organising trick 

An Australian mum has impressed thousands with the simple but ‘genius’ organising trick that ensures family meal times run smoothly all week. 

Using six $3 Kmart containers and a $3 weekly wall planner as labels, Amanda groups ingredients together for each individual meal and allocates them to a container.  

Each storage box of food is labeled with a different day of the week and the dish that is going to be made.  

‘I just put lasting ingredients for each day into the boxes and I don’t have to hunt for them in the fridge,’ Amanda said online.

The image shows the containers on the top two shelves of the fridge labelled clearly with her planned meals including pizza, Mexican wraps and stir fry. 

The Facebook post swiftly received praise from other social media users who described the idea as ‘brilliant’, ‘genius’ and ‘a game changer’. 

‘Thank you Kmart for my new weekly meal organisers [and] thank you all so much for all this love and appreciation for my little hack!’ Amanda said online. 

‘This is amazing! I need this kind of organisation in my life,’ one person said.

‘Omg I love this! Like Marley Spoon but done yourself,’ another added.

‘Great idea, do you find the veggies go bad quicker not being in the crisper drawer?’ a third asked, to which Amanda said she dices most vegetables and places into a small container of water to ensure they are kept fresh for longer.  


Earlier this month a group of Australian mums shared their top tricks and tips for a perfectly organised fridge all year round. 

Many revealed on Facebook they section their fridges into categories and make use labels and budget containers to store food according to colour, type and/or family member. 

‘A totally different fridge, but this is how I organise mine, it works for me! Just waiting on labels, I also have a chest freezer in my garage because this is way too small for my family,’ one mum said. 

‘I keep my jars, bottles, sauces, etc in the veggie drawer and then have my fruit and vegetables in containers on a shelf,’ another woman said, adding: ‘It also stops me from forgetting about old [produce] hidden in the back of the drawer.’

A third woman suggested placing the bottles of milk on the fridge door rather than on the shelf to make room for containers or bowls.

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