‘She’s in danger!’ In the referendum debate, Curtice pinpoints Nicola Sturgeon’s Achilles heel.


‘She’s in danger!’ In the referendum debate, Curtice pinpoints Nicola Sturgeon’s Achilles heel.

Sir John Curtice, a polling expert, claims that NICOLA STURGEON is in the last chance saloon and has a “point of weakness.”

While the SNP holds a majority in Holyrood, Sir John believes the First Minister’s future depends on her ability to please her most ardent supporters. If the First Minister does not take advantage of the party’s majority in Holyrood to call a referendum soon, she risks losing support to the opposing Alba Party, according to the polling expert. Despite the fact that the party did not gain any seats in the Holyrood Parliament, Sir John told This website that Alba may be a good fit for supporters who are fed up with Ms Sturgeon.

“What is true is that if Sturgeon is unable to deliver a referendum, and if she does not do something that satisfies people in the nationalist movement that she is still pursuing it, there may be a vulnerability there,” Sir John added.

“Obviously, Sturgeon will try to blame the UK government under those circumstances.

“But, you know, obviously, if Sturgeon were to wave the white flag and say, ‘Well, that’s all terribly unfortunate, I can’t do anything about it,’ then a party like Alba might be a point of attraction for frustrated nationalists at that point.” While the party may provide a suitable home for frustrated Scottish nationalists, Sir John did warn Alba’s leader does not harmed the party.

Sir John argued that, despite Mr Salmond’s ability to lead the SNP to dominance in 2011, the Alba leader no longer has the potential to capture nationalists in Scotland.

“A major issue they have is that their leader is Scotland’s most hated politician, yet without Alex Salmond, the initiative would never have gotten off the ground,” he continued.

“It probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere in the first place if it hadn’t been for Alex.

“The problem is, with Alex, it’s not likely to go anywhere, either.

“Because people simply do not believe he is a fit and proper person to be an elected official.

“A party aiming to start an insurrection requires a leader who can connect with the general population and capture their attention and interest.

“And the truth is that beyond a small group of nationalists.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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