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Shenzhen mayor inspects Luohu’s civilized city construction endeavors

Chen Rugui, mayor of Shenzhen, paid an inspection tour to Luohu on Sept. 21 to check on how this district has performed in its building of a civilized city.

Chen stressed that Luohu’s civil servants must carry out the spiritual civilization requirements of the provincial and municipal authorities, markedly enhance Luohu’s governance, and commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone with achievements in work.

Chen visited Shenzhen Railway Station, Luohu long-distance bus station and Yumin Village to learn about their pandemic control measures, volunteer services, public site hygiene, traffic order, and community work.

Chen talked with residents, tourists, volunteers, and sanitation workers and carefully heeded their suggestions on city governance.

Chen emphasized that the building of a city with spiritual civilization and winning the National Civilized City title are of vital importance to building Shenzhen as a pilot demonstration zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics; Luohu should take action to ensure that all tasks related to the civilized city construction are carried out; Luohu should make all of its endeavors in this regard objective and problem-oriented, refer to the National Civilized City evaluation system, focus on its weak spots, and try to make its urban management more scientific, precise and humane; Luohu should further improve the appearance of its railway station, long-distance bus terminals and ports as they are the windows of the city by strengthening comprehensive management of them so as to make them clean, tidy and hospitable to show the city’s vitality and charm; Luohu should actively implement people-centered development, accelerate the construction of cultural facilities and other public service infrastructure, improve its public cultural service system, and continuously enrich people’s lives and enhance their sense of belonging, happiness and safety; Luohu should make all-out efforts to uphold the core values of socialism with Chinese characteristics, promulgate healthy and civilized lifestyles, implement domestic waste classification measures, raise drivers’ readiness to give way to pedestrians in crosswalks, and promote the separate dining habit to create an atmosphere of courtesy within society.

Liu Qingsheng, deputy mayor of Shenzhen, and Zeng Pai, secretary general of the municipal government, attended the inspection tour.

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