‘Sheen is slipping away!’ Boris Johnson’s’string of blunders’ is ripped apart by Sky’s Beth Rigby.


‘Sheen is slipping away!’ Boris Johnson’s’string of blunders’ is ripped apart by Sky’s Beth Rigby.

‘SKY NEWS’ is a television news channel that broadcasts in the United As she tore at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership in recent weeks, Beth Rigby claimed the “sheen is coming off” of him.

The Owen Paterson lobbying and Sir Geoffrey Cox second job scandals, according to Sky News’ Political Editor, are the latest in a “series of blunders” that Boris Johnson has let to emerge following a supposedly “all-powerful” leadership moment following his cabinet reshuffle. The Prime Minister has had a tense few weeks as a result of allegations of graft within the party and potentially dangerous U-turns on his election promises.

Ms Rigby did not think Boris Johnson was “in trouble” when asked by Sky News anchor Jayne Secker if he was “in trouble.”

“Well, he certainly hasn’t had a nice run, has he, Jayne?” she asked.

She went on to say that Mr Johnson “appears all-powerful” after his Cabinet reshuffle, which was widely hailed as a victory for his leadership.

But, according to Ms Rigby, since then, his leadership has been engulfed by a “series of missteps,” some of which were “unforced,” and his popularity has plummeted in the polls.

Some of these errors have been on policy, according to the political analyst, such as the change in social care that MPs voted through last week with “a much-reduced majority.”

Those having more than £100,000 in assets, such as their home, savings, or investments, will not be eligible for financial assistance from the council to pay for care.

The Prime Minister has broken a manifesto promise that elderly people would not have to sell their houses to pay for care, despite the fact that rising costs may force them to sell.

At Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer denounced the amendments as a “working-class dementia tax.”

However, Ms Rigby went on to say that one of the primary issues has been the Owen Paterson “debacle,” which has weakened trust in the government and pushed the Prime Minister’s approval ratings into free fall.

She also mentioned how the Prime Minister’s HS2 extension to Leeds has been reduced, which has been a major blow for him.

This decision, according to the political editor, has given Labour “some ammo to say the Conservative party, despite all those electoral policies, is not delivering despite what they claimed for the people of the north and some of those.”


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