‘She’d like us to go back to lockdown.’ Nicola Sturgeon is described as “autocratic” by Leo Kearse.


‘She’d like us to go back to lockdown.’ Nicola Sturgeon is described as “autocratic” by Leo Kearse.

Leo Kearse has accused NICOLA STURGEON of seeking to put Scotland into “another lockdown.”

Nicola Sturgeon has revealed that the relaxation of most of Scotland’s legal coronavirus limitations has given her “butterflies in my stomach.” Last Monday, the country’s First Minister stated that the country would advance beyond Level 0, effectively abolishing the legal requirements for physical separation (save in healthcare contexts) and gatherings. SNP leader Alex Salmond has been dubbed “autocratic” by comedian Leo Kearse.

“I’m sure Nicola Sturgeon, as an autocratic leader, would love to have us back under lockdown,” Mr Kearse told GB News.

“Her main thing under Coronavirus was doing everything Boris did but a little nastier and a little tougher, which is also Keir Starmer’s strategy.

“Scotland was a huge fan of lockdown. People enjoyed having all of their liberties taken away in the name of safety.”

It comes after Ms Sturgeon told Good Morning Britain: “I think there will always be apprehension when we eliminate limitations after such a lengthy period of time.”

“To be honest, I have some butterflies in my stomach about it today, but I believe it is the appropriate time to do it.

“Our case counts fluctuate daily, but the trend is downward, and the vaccination, of course, provides great protection.

“So now is the time to lift legal restrictions in order to restore some sense of normalcy to our lives, but with the proviso that the virus hasn’t gone away and the pandemic isn’t ended.

“I believe it is premature to declare triumph or escape from it; we must remain vigilant, which is why in Scotland we have put in place certain practical safeguards – for example, face covers in many indoor settings – so it is a time to be hopeful.

“It’s been a long, difficult year and a half, but we must continue to be cautious and cautious – this virus is unpredictable, and I believe we underestimate it at our peril.”

Ms. Sturgeon also claimed that the more progressive relaxation of restrictions has aided the cautious approach to Covid-19 north of the border when students return to school in the coming weeks.

Secondary school students will be required to wear face coverings in the classroom for at least another year. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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