‘She’d be infuriated!’ Dawn Neesom demolishes Princess Diana’s ‘victimizing’ musical tribute.


‘She’d be infuriated!’ Dawn Neesom demolishes Princess Diana’s ‘victimizing’ musical tribute.

DAWN Neesom claims that Princess Diana would be “so outraged” by her “victimizing” portrayal in the new musical homage to the Princess of Wales.

Princess Diana was the subject of a new Broadway musical homage called “Diana,” which released on Netflix last week. The musical tribute appeared just days before the release of the newest Diana biography, ‘Spencer,’ which generated a controversy about whether the late princess should be exploited as a source of inspiration for films and stage productions. Dawn Neesom, a broadcaster, also slammed the musical tribute, suggesting that the Princess of Wales would be “very outraged” by being presented as a victim over and over again.

“The difficulty I have with practically every portrayal of Diana, whether it’s the film or the musical, is that she’s portrayed as some permanent victim,” Ms Neesom told Jeremy Vine on Five.

“Some weak, pitiful woman, yet she wasn’t like that at all.”

“To be honest with you, I think she’d be outraged by it because she was so much more than how she’s being portrayed.”

“Well, she certainly began to really flower, didn’t she?” Jeremy Vine remarked.

“But, you know, Landmines campaign, she’s a pretty kind person,” says the narrator.

“I’m not sure whether I agree with Dawn on that one,” said fellow panelist AJ West. Have you seen the movie “The Crown”? Because she’s portrayed as a character with a variety of personality traits.” “One of them is unquestionably a victim, but the other is a feisty individual who doesn’t put up with crap and isn’t the poor, mistreated wife.” “The impression you get from the Crown, it does concentrate more on portraying her as the victim,” Ms Neesom remarked. “The only scene I saw of her with bulimia was her sitting in front of a refrigerator, frantically eating and then vomiting.” “So there’s this Diana victim shaming.” Dawn isn’t the only one who has spoken out against the late Princess’s image.

“There is a lot of conjecture and a lot of imagination, isn’t there?” Diana’s brother, Charles, observed as admirers applauded Diana’s seemingly spot-on performance. You can hang it on facts, but the pieces in the middle aren’t.” Spencer, a new film on the late Princess of Wales, is being eagerly anticipated by royal observers. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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