‘She was cute!’ says one man about his plush Jack Russell Terrier who helped him find love.


‘She was cute!’ says one man about his plush Jack Russell Terrier who helped him find love.

A ANGRY dog owner who had his Jack Russell stuffed after it died has found a lover thanks to his beloved former pet during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mitch Byer of Oregon, USA, lost his beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Phoebe, in 2013, but his mother hired a taxidermist instead of having his pet buried or cremated. During lockdown, the now 31-year-old decided to create an internet dating profile with images of himself and Phoebe.

Jamie, Mitch’s now girlfriend, charmed for his engaging attitude and was unfazed by the preserved dog when they met at a match.

On ITV’s This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the pair discussed their odd love story and the comments they received.

“At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a dead dog or an alive dog,” Jamie, who owns a Husky named Nanook, said. In any case, she was adorable!

“I thought it was hilarious when I realized she was stuffed. Mitch stood out as a result of it!

“You had to be selective with who you spent your time with in lockdown, and Mitch made the cut.”

“You’re being choosy who you pick, so you pick the guy with the stuffed dead dog?” Philip joked.

When others hear about Phoebe, Mitch admits it can be a contentious situation.

“I got a lot of mixed reactions,” he remarked. Some people felt it was cruel, while the majority thought it was hilarious, but there are always mixed emotions, especially on social dating sites when you promote a taxidermy dog with you.”

The American also revealed that when he first saw Phoebe after she was stuffed, he busted out laughing when he spotted her seated on top of the kitchen table.

Nanook the Husky was successfully introduced to Phoebe, according to Jamie, who told the ITV presenters.

Holly then inquired if Jamie had considered having Nanook taxidermized when the time came.

She acknowledged to thinking about it but was still undecided, saying, “My mother always joked about stuffing our childhood dog.” As a result, seeing it happen makes it a possibility. Hopefully, I’ll have a few years to think about it!”

It is permissible to bury someone in your backyard.

Despite the fact that she has been dead for eight years, Phoebe has survived. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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