‘She can snap and make grown men cry,’ says Princess Anne of the United Kingdom.


‘She can snap and make grown men cry,’ says Princess Anne of the United Kingdom.

PRINCESS ANNE’S irritability was exposed by biographer Penny Junor, who claimed the Princess Royal “can send grown men to tears” in the same way her father can.

On Monday, Princess Anne celebrated the 44th birthday of her son Peter Phillips. After attending the Festival of Remembrance at London’s Royal Albert Hall, as well as the Remembrance Sunday ceremony, when she laid a wreath at the Cenotaph, it’s a lot more positive time for the Princess Royal. Peter has developed unusual professional paths with Williams in Formula 1 and as a manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland, demonstrating that he has his mother’s work ethic.

Anne is known for her strictness, and it appears that her no-nonsense attitude has been felt by those who deal with her closely.

Penny Junor, royal biographer, discussed Anne’s brutality with her peers in Channel 5’s program ‘Anne: The Daughter Who Should Be Queen.’

She says in the film, which will be released in April 2020: “She doesn’t put up with fools and can be abrasive.

“She can lash out at a Lord-Lieutenant, for example, who is attempting to keep her on track.

“She has the ability to make grown men cry. In that regard, she is extremely similar to her father, and she is a tireless worker who excels at what she does.” The royal correspondent for the Daily Mail, Richard Kay, added: “[Princess Anne] is a straight shooter. She is herself, and she has always stated, “Actually, I have to be true to myself, I am what I am.”

“And that is not at all elitist, but rather someone with a common touch, although one that frequently involves white gloves.

“You can’t take that away from her, though. She is a royal who works hard.” Anne isn’t afraid to tell her friends and family what she feels.

The Princess Royal’s friendship with Camilla’s former husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, may have been the basis of the first antagonism, according to Ms Junor in the documentary.

In a December interview with Channel 5, Ms Junor said: “Andrew and Anne’s affair did not work out, but I believe they were really fond of each other. They’re still quite fond of each other.

“And I think Camilla has always had a difficulty with it, partly because of.” “..


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