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Sharon Osbourne addresses fans’ health concerns while husband Ozzy battles Parkinson’s

SHARON Osbourne gave an update to fans on state of her health after followers became worried by how much time she’s been spending in bed.

The concerns over the talk show host’s health come after her 71-year-old husband Ozzy revealed he’s battling Parkinson’s disease.

Over the last few weeks, Sharon, 67, has been posting an increasing amount of photos on Instagram of herself lying in bed – sometimes alone but often with her dogs.

On Thursday, some fans felt like it was time to speak up and ask if the reality star was doing OK or if she’s been feeling sick lately.

One wrote in the comments section of Sharon’s video of herself in bed with Maleficent filter over her face: “I’m just curious, Is Sharon okay? I’ve been seeing her in bed for awhile now and hope all is well with her. 

“I love her and her family and I saw the special on TV the other night. It touched my heart, the pain and courage of their journey through life all these years, a truly stronge family, they are!”

Upon seein this comment and all the likes it was getting, she replied: “I’m ok! Just summer time lounging in bed with 🐶!”

After realizing that others were worries, as well, she shared another in-bed photo on Saturday of her playing with all of her dogs, writing with it:  “Some of you have expressed concern about my health in your comments, wondering why I’m in bed all the time. 

“Don’t worry, I’m fine, I just like it here. My 🛏 = all good”

The bed-set photos really started ramping up after she announced her Sharon Osbourne Home Co bedding collection.

She revealed the new line back in July, writing: “Anyone who knows me knows that my bed is my happy place to cuddle with all my 🐶! (and ozzy 🤗).

“I’ve worked hard to create the coziest high quality bedding that won’t break your 🏦! I invite you to take a look.”

Since then, she’s been showcasing her bedroom and her bedding collection a lot on social media, which led to some concern from fans who might not have realized she had new products out.

Others did know about it, though, and supported Sharon by purchasing her home goods, leading the reality star to thank everyone for their response and sharing how “happy” it makes her to “know that some of you are sleeping in my sheets.”

Sharon’s husband Ozzy revealed in January that he’s battling Parkinson’s and has been since 2019.

He recently opened up about his current state of health to Entertainment Tonight and claimed he’s “feeling better every day.”

“It’s so slow. I go in the swimming pool for an hour every day,” the Black Sabbath frontman revealed.

“I work out every day.”

The rocker also talked about how his condition and the coronavirus pandemic has kept him from doing what he loves the most: perform.

He stated: “It catches up with you in the end. I’ve got no complaints. I’ve had a great career.

“I had a great time. And I ain’t done yet … As soon as I get back on my feet I’ll [go] out. I can’t wait. Pandemic or not, I can’t wait.”

His wife quickly added: “Once they allow artists to go back and perform, if I have to I’ll wheel him on.”

Ozzy then agreed with her: “I will be happy as well. If my life ended on a stage, so be it. That’s the place I belong.”

Of his recent diagnosis, Ozzy says: “It’s like, ‘Dun, dun, duuuuun . . . Ozzy’s got Parkinson’s’. But I actually have a thing called PRKN 2.

“It’s not mainstream Parkinson’s like Michael J Fox’s, but a milder form, I’m glad to say.

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