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‘Sharks are hot!’: Moment divers are swarmed moments after jumping into the sea

A nail-biting video has emerged of the moment a group of men jump into the ocean straight into the path of multiple sharks swimming just beneath the surface. 

The video, uploaded to YouTube on Monday, shows the spear fishermen entering the water off Western Australia’s coast before they immediately return to the boat. 

Footage from under the waves shows at least two large sharks just a few metres ahead one of divers as he hold spearfishing equipment on one hand and a GoPro in the other. 

‘Sharks are hot!’ one of the men yells before the group scrambles back to safety aboard their vessel. 

‘I nearly dropped the boys into their death, I’m sorry,’ boat captain Brodie Moss says hugging one of the group. . 

‘Anyone get bumped?’ he asks. 

‘No but I jumped in there and it was like a vortex of sharks,’ replies one of the group. 

‘Let’s go fishing, not here though,’ another says before they sail off to a different location. 

The video was uploaded to to the YBS Youngbloods YouTube channel and has been viewed more than 208,000 times and liked more than 9,500 times in less than two days. 

The channel is run by Mr Moss who started making adventure videos about camping and fishing along Western Australia’s pristine coastline as a hobby. 

Mr Moss quit his day job as an electrician in 2019 to pursue his passion full-time. 

‘I started making enough money to cover my bills and in the end, my full-time job as an electrician was getting in the way of being a YouTuber,’ he previously told the ABC. 

His YouTube channel has 2 million subscribers as of August 2020. 

He said while it might appear he was making money from a constant holiday, he said a lot of work actually goes on behind the scenes – including days of planning and spending up to 20 hours to edit one video . 

‘It looks like I got successful overnight, but it took me 10 years of working in the background, paying my mortgage, to build the profile and get my lucky break,’ he said. 

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