Several people were hurt in a serious incident in Marbella when a car ran over pedestrians.


Several people were hurt in a serious incident in Marbella when a car ran over pedestrians.

According to accounts, a driver collided with pedestrians on a major street in Marbella, hurting numerous persons who were brought to the hospital.

The tragic occurrence is depicted in shocking footage shot on the scene at Avenida Miguel Cano and shared on social media. A woman is seen lying on the ground, covered in blood, while others tend to her. A waitress can be heard screaming as chairs and tables are turned upside down. A white automobile appeared to have collided with a building. The footage shows a distraught woman crying as others prevent her from approaching the vehicle. Behind a barricade, police and paramedics can be seen.

The automobile allegedly slammed into pedestrians walking down the street, which is lined with businesses, restaurants, and cafés.

Five persons were injured, one of whom was critically hurt, and they were all sent to the Costa del Sol Hospital.

One witness, however, stated that none of the victims looked to be seriously injured.

When the automobile ploughed into the terraces, an employee of a nearby pub told Okdiario Andalucia that it was driving “extremely fast.”

“He’s run over all the tables on the patio, and he’s ran over people,” the source claimed.

“However, there are no extremely serious injuries; the ambulance has carried several patients, but there were no deaths or anything catastrophic at the time.

“There was a lot more that could have happened.”

When he rammed individuals, the suspect, who appeared to be in his 30s, was “traveling with his parents in the car,” according to the bartender.

The suspect is a Spanish national who was not alone in the vehicle, according to José Eduardo Daz, Marbella’s councillor for citizen security.

Authorities are conducting “proper tests” to investigate the situation, he said.

According to another witness, the incident occurred around 3.20 p.m. local time (4.20pm UK time).

MaraJess Fernández, the woman, resorted to Twitter to detail the “horror.”

She shared photographs that looked like they were taken from a nearby balcony.

Near where a car looks to have slammed into the front of a jewellery store, many ambulances and at least one fire department can be seen.

A police officer can be seen manning a cordon, keeping bystanders from approaching the accident scene.

The car “trampled everything in its path,” she recalled, causing a “amazing rumble.”

She also stated that the driver had done so. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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