September South Sudan peace agreement will hold as it has popular support: ambassador

ADDIS ABABA, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) — A peace agreement signed between South Sudanese warring parties in September 12, will hold as it has popular support, a senior South Sudan official said on Monday.

South Sudan has been embroiled in almost five years of conflict that has taken a devastating toll on the people, creating one of the fastest growing refugee crises in the world.

Speaking to Xinhua, James Morgan, South Sudanese Ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union, said while several peace agreements to end the South Sudan civil war have been signed and broken soon after, the September 12 peace agreement is all inclusive and has the acceptance of South Sudanese public.

“The September 12 peace agreement facilitated by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is based on the principle of African solutions to African problems,” he further said.

“I understand there is skepticism about the latest South Sudan peace agreement, but nobody thought the two decades old mutual animosity between Ethiopia and Eritrea would be resolved in the blink of an eye, but it did,” said Morgan, referring to the other peace process in the Horn of Africa region.

Ethiopia and Eritrea fought a two-year bloody border war from 1998-2000 that ended in a December 2000 peace agreement, but the two countries remained locked in a state of cold war, until July when a series of mutual rapid diplomatic moves by both countries saw the two nations reconcile again.

Ethiopia has hosted several rounds of South Sudan peace talks and Eritrea has longstanding ties with the ruling party of South Sudan, Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and analysts hope the Ethiopia-Eritrea reconciliation will encourage South Sudanese parties to stick to peace agreement.

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