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‘Sensitive’ Emily Andre won Katie Price over with texts and has become ‘confidant’ for Pete’s kids Princess and Junior

EMILY Andre has revealed just how close she is to husband Peter’s children, posing for a sweet Instagram snap with step-daughter Princess while celebrating her birthday this weekend.

Despite having two children of her own with the Mysterious Girl singer, doctor Emily has worked hard over her eight-year relationship with 47-year-old Pete to form strong bonds with Princess and her older brother Junior.

And it’s been revealed that the NHS worker’s step-parenting success is partly thanks to the “harmonious” relationship with Katie Price she’s formed over text.

A source told The Sun Online: “They text occasionally to do with the children and [Emily] would never cross the line, which is what makes things very harmonious. Hearing [Katie] say positive stuff about Emily helps with the relationship too.

“It can be a little up and down but for the majority of the time everyone gets on and respects each other.”

Clearly amicable and with shared interests in the children, mum-of-five Katie recently praised Emily for her work on the coronavirus front-line, saying she was “grateful” for the medic and felt “blessed”.

The model even insisted that the two were “friends” in a recent interview with new! magazine, saying: “I do like Emily as well. We’re like chalk and cheese, we’re completely different.”

“Gentle” Emily first met Pete in 2010, and the pair went public with their relationship in 2012 at a Magic Mike premiere and shortly after announced they were expecting and getting engaged.

The couple were married in 2015 in between having children of their own, Amelia, six, and Theodore, three.

And the 31-year-old has strived to be equally “understanding and supportive” with step-kids Princess, 13, and Junior, 15.

“She’s been in their lives a long time now and she’s a consistent, safe person to live with and be with,” our source revealed. “She is such a gentle sweetie with them, she’s always been super understanding and supportive.”

Junior and Princess have often stayed with dad Pete and step-mum Emily, giving the blended family a chance to grow closer – escalated by Emily’s approach to getting the older children to help with the younger ones.

“Their relationship got closer when Emily had Amelia and Theo because Emily involved them as much as she could. [She] made sure everyone was included with helping out and taking care of the babies and toddlers,” the source added.

As well as keeping in close contact with Katie Price, the loving step-mum ensures she offers her own parental listening ear while still being the source of fun when things are difficult.

Pete recently praised Emily for having “uncomfortable” conversations with his older children on his new show Life with The Andres – admitting she often takes the leading role in the tough stuff.

He told viewers: “She’s incredible and she has great conversations with Princess that maybe I wouldn’t necessarily feel that comfortable having –although I’m trying to get better at it.

“Same with Junior, he asks medical things that I wouldn’t know the answer to. It’s great I have that helping hand in Dr. Emily.”

Our source added: “Emily is the one who is fun and playful. She just makes everything very light.”

[Emily’s] incredible and she has great conversations with Princess that maybe I wouldn’t necessarily feel that comfortable having.

“The kids have also seen how good [Emily] is with their dad. After Pete lost his brother, he was understandably bereaved. It was Emily who was there for him. When you witness your step-mum being so kind to your dad you can’t help but form a close bond.”

Princess revealed just how close the pair have become in a sweet Instagram post this weekend – captioning a selfie of the pair: “Happy birthday Emzzzzz love you.”

“The kids know they can come to her with [anything],” continued the source. “You’ll see her and Princess making up dance routines together, messing around. [She] is quite the confidant for Junior too – like a lovely aunt, big sister role.”

Emily herself has joked about her friendly role within the children’s lives, admitting in her OK! magazine column that strict parent Pete takes on the disciplining, leaving her with much of the fun: “Often I feel like a big sister.”

Loving every moment of her step-parent experience, Emily told ITV’s Lorraine, on which she regularly features as a doctor: “I love [being a step-mum] and this may sound quite clichéd, but being with them taught me what I needed to do before I had my own. Princess and Junior are the loveliest children.”

Not only has Emily pulled her weight with Princess and Junior, she’s ensured her family (including her three younger brothers) and parents, have also welcomed them with open arms.

Emily’s father, a consultant urologist, who treated 90s heartthrob Pete’s kidney stones and later became a good friend – and now father-in-law – has particularly helped Princess and Junior integrate.

“As doctors, they care about people are are kind and open, so even in the extended step family there’s been a very safe environment for them,” the source added.

This family environment has been carefully crafted by Emily and Pete together, who kept their relationship and even their engagement quiet until they felt it was the right time to tell Princess and Junior.

“[Pete] has always put his kids first and made sure they were comfortable with everything,” the source revealed. “He did things gradually and slowly.”

Emily’s soft and friendly approach seems to have worked on Princess and Junior, who are often seen laughing with their step-mum in episodes of Life with the Andres, affectionately referring to the pair by their nicknames of ‘Bista’ and ‘J’.

And while the family is clearly established as they are – they’re looking to grow – with Pete and Emily hoping to have two more children .

Luckily, it looks like Emily will have nothing to worry about with her step-children, who dote on her as much as she does on them.

For fans of the Andre family, Peter and Emily had good news this week as they revealed a second series of Life with The Andres is on the way.

Meanwhile, the Flava singer showed off his breakfast-making skills for his wife’s birthday, alongside a sweet tribute from step-daughter Princess.

And Pete and the family head “home” to Cyprus for a holiday in his luxury Cypriot villa.

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