‘Send Blair the bill!’ The Taliban’s demand for billions in war reparations has enraged Britons.


‘Send Blair the bill!’ The Taliban’s demand for billions in war reparations has enraged Britons.

The Taliban’s demand that the UK pay billions of pounds in reparations after taking control of Afghanistan has enraged Britons.

Many have claimed that if anyone should face the cost, it should be former Prime Minister Tony Blair, with one adding, “Send the bill to Blair.””

“He took us into Afghanistan at the request of the recognized government at the time,” Burstone274 said in response to this website’s story. That government’s enemy isn’t me.

“It’d be like the Germans seeking compensation for the damage they caused to Belgium while fighting the French and English in two World Wars!”

While the Taliban was enjoying a “legal high,” they suggested, “why not return all the equipment you stole from US and UK forces?” “Isn’t this your property?” “Britain is ready to pay us war reparations,” Noor Mohommad Mutawakel of the Taliban’s Ministry of Information and Culture told the Daily Mirror.

“That is something we appreciate. Other countries involved in the conflict must be willing to pay as well.” While “we don’t know what they’re going to ask for yet,” a Whitehall insider told the Daily Mail that “whether we pay [reparations]or not is a separate thing.” “..

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former infantry battalion commanding commander in Afghanistan, was enraged when the Taliban demanded money from the West.

“It is an atrocity for the terrorist group that took over the country to demand compensation from countries that fought to protect the legitimate government in Afghanistan,” he said.

“The British government should not even consider paying these horrible murders a penny.

“This will be the first of many demands from a tyranny capable of mass murder, torture, and enslavement.”

Other members of the public in the United Kingdom have reacted in such.

“Not a single dime should be paid to the Taliban,” Antieu stated.

“It would be a betrayal of all those who fought and died in defense of that country.” Let them support Afghanistan if they want to dominate it.” Others laid the finger at Mr Blair. Mandy Jones argued that the UK was “dragged into the issue by Blair when we shouldn’t have been,” but that “we absolutely don’t owe them any money,” especially because it would be used to prop up terrorists “..

“They could never have made such a demand if you were never there in the first place,” Quillan remarked.

“Tell them to take. “Brinkwire Summary News,” Margaretfan stated in the meantime.


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