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Self-taught baker Walla Abu-Eid, 31, shares three-ingredient recipe for her ‘lazy’ chocolate cake

An amateur baker has shared her ‘lazy cake’ recipe made from three simple ingredients – cream, chocolate and biscuits of your choice – without turning on the oven.

Busy teacher and mother-of-three Walla Abu-Eid has been whipping up incredible desserts in the kitchen of her Guildford home in Sydney’s inner-west since 2013, photos of which have garnered a social media following of 74,500 in the past year.

The ingeniously simple biscuit cake is the latest addition to the 31-year-old’s Instagram feed, which is filled with pictures of doughnuts, mousses and tarts that would make even the most disciplined dieters drool.

A self-professed addict of Lotus Biscoff – a spiced cinnamon biscuit popular in Belgium – Ms Abu-Eid used a mix of Lotus and Arnott’s chocolate and coffee flavours in her cake, but encouraged followers to get creative when choosing their own.

Perfect for busy mums strapped for time, the cake can be prepared in under 10 minutes and keeps for days if stored in an airtight container because it doesn’t contain eggs or other ingredients that spoil easily.

To follow the recipe, which is so simple it’s virtually impossible to mess up, home cooks will need 600ml of thickened cream, 700g of milk chocolate and three packets of biscuits.

Outlining her method in an Instagram post Sunday, Ms Abu-Eid said she starts by mixing the cream with the chocolate in a saucepan set over a medium heat until the chocolate has melted.

Next, she said she breaks the biscuits into bite-sized pieces and stirs them into the chocolate, mixing well to ensure they’re coated evenly.

Once the biscuits have been thoroughly covered, Ms Abu-Eid said she lines a tray with cling wrap and pours the mixture on top.

It should be frozen until firm, for a few hours or ideally overnight, then flipped onto a plate and served with fresh strawberries.

Photos of the cake have been liked by more than 2,100 people, many of whom marvelled at Ms Abu-Eid’s culinary prowess.

One said: ‘This looks amazing, you are truly blessed!’

Another added: ‘What an easy but awesome recipe, thanks for sharing. We all know what I’m making for morning tea.’ 

Ms Abu-Eid previously spoke to Daily Mail Australia about her swift ascension to social media stardom.

‘It’s been crazy. People tell me my cakes look so professional, but I really just do it as a hobby whenever I have time,’ she said in July, after a Lotus Biscoff cheesecake she made from six simple ingredients went viral. 

An even easier recipe for Lotus Biscoff ‘Twix’ bars made from chocolate, shortbread and the distinctive spiced cinnamon spread achieved similar virality when it was shared on August 9.

Fans flood the comments to gush over her talent and creativity, with many requesting custom-made cakes for birthdays and family gatherings. 

One Sydney mother said she went to the supermarket specifically to buy Biscoff spread and biscuits ‘all thanks’ to Ms Abu-Eid’s Instagram account which inspired her to start baking.

A photo of her tantalising ‘Lotus Biscoff lasagne’ posted on May 3 was picked up by over 60 global news outlets and featured on the homepages of Unilad and Ladbible. 

‘That went absolutely viral, everyone loved it,’ she said.

Asked if she had secured a paid partnership with Lotus to promote the brand, the baker laughed and said a collaboration like that would be a dream come true.

‘I wish I had a deal with Biscoff, I just love the flavour. I actually did contact them, but no word yet!’ she said.

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