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Second emu is on the run in Doncaster just days after one was re-captured

A SECOND emu has gone on the run days after one was re-captured.

Residents shared videos and pictures of the bird in fields on the edge of Doncaster, South Yorks, near the A1.

The first to flee, called Ethel, was on the loose for nearly a week before owner Kerry Dobson got her back in her enclosure on Tuesday.

She had been spotted dozens of time by locals in Sprotbrough, but just days after she was safely back home a second emu is also now on the loose.

Pals insist the new one does not belong to her.

Locals fear a road accident.

Jane Davies said: “If you can’t keep them in a secure enclosure then you shouldn’t keep them.

“This is getting ridiculous.”

Lisa Grindrod added: “Completely agree. I doubt it would be so funny if they caused a road accident.”

And Jane Rush said “This is getting serious, there’s going to be a major accident. She is perilously close to the A1.”

Police said that a second escape had not been reported to them.

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