Scott Morrison takes a subtle dig at Bill Shorten with gushing tribute to his own mother

Prime Minister Scott Morrison used his Mother’s Day party launch to gush over the sacrifices his mother made for he and his brother.

The tribute comes just days after Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was accused of hiding the truth about his own mother’s esteemed career to score political points ahead of the May 18 federal election.

Mr Morrison brought his mother up on stage during Sunday’s launch alongside his wife, Jenny, and daughters Abby and Lily. 

He presented both women bouquets of flowers for Mother’s Day and thanked them for their constant love and support, before singling out his mother, Marion. 

‘Mum and dad both had to work hard to give Alan and I the choices they wanted for us in life,’ he said.  

‘They saved. They planned. They sacrificed. And they also served.

‘Mum ran the local girls’ brigade at our local church every Thursday and Friday school nights for 45 years.

‘By the way, dad did the same thing… at boys’ brigade the same Thursday and Friday night for 45 years.’

Mr Shorten has been forced to defend his own mother in recent days after speaking about her plight as a young woman wanting to become a lawyer.

The Opposition Leader praised his beloved mother Ann, who died of breast cancer aged 79 five years ago, during the final minutes of the ABC show on Monday night.

He spoke about her dashed dreams to study law, instead becoming a teacher to help care for her siblings.

But he failed to mention that she progressed to the bar later in life, and went on to become a successful lawyer.

Mrs Shorten was able to send her sons to Melbourne’s exclusive Xavier College, which has annual fees in excess of $28,000.

But the Labor party leader insists he was not raised in a rich household, and relates to the everyday Australian.   

‘My parents sent me to a rich school. But we were not rich,’ Mr Shorten said.

‘We were not poor. We were not rich. We were like hundreds of thousands of other families. My family spent all their spare cash educating Robert and I.’

During Mr Morrison’s own Mother’s Day speech, he also touched on his upbringing and schooling.

‘Life’s about what you contribute, not what you accumulate. That’s what mum and dad have taught me,’ the PM said.

‘It’s about serving others, because in life, it’s people that matter. My family story is not uncommon in our country. 

‘We went to public schools, like Jenny and her older sister and her brother did. 

‘Not long after I turned one mum went back to work, juggling all her commitments, with a lot of help from family, particularly our grandparents.’

Mr Morrison’s parents were both active members of the Presbyterian Church, and his father also worked as a police officer for 16 years.  

Mr Morrison and Mr Shorten are both in the final stages of campaigning ahead of Saturday’s election. 

The Prime Minister promised to make it easier for first home buyers to enter the market through a new loan scheme, slashing the amount people have to save for a deposit, with the government underwriting the rest.

‘This will make a big difference,’ Mr Morrison told those present.

‘Cutting the time taken to save for a deposit at least half and more.’

The Coalition leader finished his speech by discussing Labor’s ‘reckless spending’ and future tax increases.

‘Australians know that the Liberals and Nationals can always be trusted to keep them safe and our borders secure,’ he said.


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