Scots regions with the best and worst deals for car insurance in Scotland – ranked


The cost of new car insurance in Scotland has dropped by £65 in the steepest annual price drop in two years, new analysis has revealed.

Scottish drivers can now expect to pay £610 for their car insurance, as prices for new policies drop by 10% in 12 months, according to a new insurance price index.

Glasgow has benefitted from the biggest car insurance prices drops by £104 (13%), on average, since the last quarter of 2019. But the area also the most expensive for insurance with the average premium now costing £688.

Louise O’Shea, chief executive at, which carried out the analysis said: “We’re seeing some of the biggest car insurance savings Scotland in a long time and it couldn’t come at a better time.

“It’s been nearly 12 months since we first went into lockdown and this put so many people in a difficult situation, so I have no doubt this news will be welcomed by so many. We’re at home and driving a lot less, it’s only right our car insurance prices should reflect that.”

Drivers across central Scotland saw car insurance drops by £72 in the region in the last 21 months. But despite significant savings, Central Scotland is still the most expensive region in Scotland, with the average premium costing drivers £643.

Motorists in east and north east Scotland also saw hefty car insurance price drops by £66 (11%), taking the average premium in the region to £560, on average.

Meanwhile drivers in the Highlands and Islands can expect to make savings of £51 (8%) year-on-year, with the average car insurance cost standing at £601.

Motorists in the Scottish Borders have seen the shortest price drop, falling by £46 (8%), with the average premium ringing in at £569.

Further research suggests that motorists who choose to renew with the same insurer may not see the same savings.

In a survey of 2,000 UK drivers, more than two fifths (42%) of those who were due to renew over the past quarter (Q4 2020) said their renewal price was more expensive than the previous year, with insurers adding an extra £49 to their price, on average. Worryingly, nearly a quarter (24%) chose to stay with the same insurer, despite their price being more expensive. But two in five (40%) shopped around and saved £60, on average.

Ms O’Shea said that proves that it doesn’t pay to stay loyal.

 How to save money on car insurance

New rules set out by the Financial Conduct Authority will make it even easier for consumers to cancel their existing policies and switch to a better deal.

Currently, customers who don’t actively seek out a new price will be automatically renewed on their existing policy, at the price which is set out by the insurer.

And the according to the research many motorists are seeing their price increase year-on-year, meaning they’ll be paying out more money when there is likely to be a better price for them on the market.

But the FCA’s proposal will not just make it easier to cancel auto-renewals, it is also set to prohibit insurers from calculating a price based on whether the customer is a new or renewing.

But say renewal prices could still increase year-on-year.

“It’s important to remember that these savings are only being seen by those shopping around. We know from our research that insurers are still putting up renewal prices. Even if the increase is small, please don’t settle for this as there will be an insurer out there willing to offer a better price,” said Ms O’Shea.


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