Scotland’s dominance on Europe’s top 20 Covid list has enraged Andrew Neil, who has described the situation as “serious.”


Scotland’s dominance on Europe’s top 20 Covid list has enraged Andrew Neil, who has described the situation as “serious.”

ANDREW NEIL has reacted angrily to Nicola Sturgeon’s revelation that Scotland is home to nearly half of Europe’s Covid hotspots.

Mr Neil remarked on the data by mentioning the country’s worsening Covid situation. In a tweet, he added, “According to World Health Organization data, Scotland has nearly half of Europe’s top 20 Covid-19 hotspots.” Many people flocked to Twitter in reaction to his statement to voice their alarm and displeasure over the surge in instances in Scotland.

“Difficult to ‘like’ this tweet Andrew, but it is a fact,” one user said.

“Despite its small population, Scotland’s government was forced to tartanise its COVID policy and do it differently than the rest of the UK; they failed.

“Wonder whether this result will be included in their ‘separate’ investigation?”

“Anyone who thinks Sturgeon has handled this well has to wake up and smell the coffee,” a second remarked.

Lanarkshire has the highest incidence rate per 100,000 in the EU, according to data from the World Health Organization.

As of August 30, the region had a seven-day incidence rate of 1,134.94 per 100,000.

Greater Glasgow comes in second with a rate of 1,032.98 per 100,000, as health boards across Scotland push people to be vaccinated.

Lothian, Ayrshire and Arran, Forth Valley, Dumfries and Galloway, Fife, Highland and Tayside are among the top 20 health boards in Scotland.

The Scottish Government’s own statistics shows a significant increase in cases after August 15, when 1,628 positive cases were announced.

The number of cases increased to 2,749 on August 16 before peaking at 7,211 on August 26.

On August 15, there were 27 hospital admissions reported.

The number of hospital admissions reported on August 28 was 89, with a seven-day average of 50 on August 17 and 80.3 on August 28.

“While it is important to monitor data like occupancy levels rather than relying on snapshot figures, the fact that all three sites in Lanarkshire have been close to capacity reflects the kind of pressures we are experiencing across the NHS at the moment,” said Lewis Morrison, chairman of the British Medical Association Scotland.

“Many of us are already feeling the chill of winter as demand soars to such heights.

“That’s very concerning, especially because winter is right around the corner.”

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