Scotland’s cost of living will rise when Nicola Sturgeon’s ambition of rejoining the EU comes true.


Scotland’s cost of living will rise when Nicola Sturgeon’s ambition of rejoining the EU comes true.

Nicola Sturgeon’s EU dream has been shattered by an analyst who claims that rejoining the EU would result in a 5% increase in living costs.

Expert Tim Rideout has warned Nicola Sturgeon about her desire to rejoin the European Union, claiming that doing so will raise the cost of living in Scotland by 5%. The debate followed the First Minister’s agenda to push for a second independence referendum.

“What people need to remember is that we’ve lost all of the UK’s opt-outs, and we’re not likely to gain them back if we rejoin the EU,” Professor Tim Rideout told Independence Live.

“We must adhere to EU VAT regulations, which entails a 5% VAT on all goods and services.

“So, you’re talking about a 5% increase in the price of food, children’s clothing, books, newspapers, and other items like that.

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“That isn’t going to go over well.

“We’d have to go back into the Fisheries Policy,” he said, “and that won’t be popular with everyone.”

“There are a lot of other snags along the line, so I don’t think rejoining the EU is going to be easy.”

The European Union’s fisheries policy is known as the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) (EU).

In the 2016 referendum, 62 percent of Scots supported Remain, while only 38 percent backed Leave.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) will host a conference in September to consider independence.

A motion to utilize Covid-19 to gain voters and campaign for indyref2 has been revealed as part of the event’s draft program.

Boris Johnson, on the other hand, has rebuffed Nicola Sturgeon’s call for a second Scottish independence referendum, saying it is “not top of” his agenda. Not to be missed:

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“I believe the goal for our country as a whole is bouncing back together, working our way ahead together from this pandemic, and I believe the opportunities are really phenomenal,” he remarked yesterday.

“But I think the focus has to be on economic recovery, and constitutional change isn’t at the top of my agenda, to put it that way.”

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has been on a tour of Scotland. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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