‘Scotland will be a hostile nation,’ says the author. – Concerns about the implications of independence on UK security.


‘Scotland will be a hostile nation,’ says the author. – Concerns about the implications of independence on UK security.

BRITAINERS have expressed concerns that an independent Scotland could represent a security threat to the UK, with one claiming that the country could become a “hostile nation.”

Following news that Boris Johnson may have to move the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system out of Scotland if it becomes an independent country, this website’s readers expressed their concerns. If the SNP wins an independence referendum, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have stated repeatedly that they want Britain’s nuclear submarines, located at Faslane near Glasgow, and all nuclear weapon storage based in Argyll, off Scottish land.

The Sunday Times said that if the Prime Minister was compelled to shift Britain’s nuclear weapons within three years of Scotland becoming an independent nation, Milford Haven on the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales may be a suitable location to host Trident.

“There is a natural harbour here that has been used as a port since the Middle Ages,” GB News’ Lily Hewitson said from Milford Haven.

“However, there is speculation that this could be the site of the UK’s nuclear weapons barrage in the future.”

She went on to say how ideal Milford Haven’s location is because of its direct access to the Irish Sea, but that the decision is not final and that any removal of the Trident program from Faslane would be contingent on a Scottish-UK agreement.

If Scotland votes for independence, the UK’s nuclear weapons would be moved from Coulport, Argyll.

Should Scottish independence necessitate a move for Trident, Express readers expressed their worries.

“It won’t just be trident,” one remarked. The Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, and British Army will all be present.

“No RN ships will be built on the Clyde, and all Scottish regiments will be abolished.

“After all, Scotland will be a hostile nation on the English border, given the language of the Scottish N88i party.”

More readers argued that Ms. Sturgeon should not be trusted with Britain’s military supplies, and that Mr. Johnson should begin “moving it out of Scotland RIGHT NOW.”

“We don’t need another Afghanistan disaster,” one stated. SNP is unreliable in general, not only in Sturgeon.”

“The number of direct and indirect jobs destroyed as a result of Trident’s relocation would amount to blatant irresponsibility by the SNP against the Scottish working class,” another commented.

“Unless, of course, it bothers Sturgeon and her entourage.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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