Scorned wife claims bloodied severed head talks to her in dreams after she hacked up her husband ‘alive.’


Scorned wife claims bloodied severed head talks to her in dreams after she hacked up her husband ‘alive.’

WARNING: This article contains graphic material. After employing a private investigator to establish whether her wealthy husband Marcos was cheating on her, Elize Matsunaga, 47, shot him dead before slicing his body into seven sections. Elize Matsunaga sat calmly in an elevator next to three suitcases stuffed with her husband’s chopped-up body parts.

She had slain Marcos Matsunaga, 42, hours before chopping him into seven pieces with a knife.

The couple, who had a child together, had ordered pizza to be delivered to their penthouse apartment in So Paulo, Brazil, but things did not go as planned.

Elize went to great pains to conceal the gruesome truth about Marcos, a wealthy tycoon.

Her terrifying elevator ride was caught on camera and has since been shown throughout the world.

She claims she committed the heinous crime because her lover’s infidelity was discovered.

The mother recently disclosed that she had had dreams about Marcos’ bloodied severed head communicating to her while she was sleeping.

Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon A Crime, a Netflix docuseries, has detailed the story of her heinous crime.

Elize grew up in squalor in Chopinzinho, Paraná, and her father abandoned her when she was three years old.

Before a brief reunion with her mother and stepfather, she was reared with her grandparents and aunt.

Elize stated on the Netflix documentary that her stepfather molested her and that she would not “want that on anyone.”

She ran away from home as a youngster and went on to study nursing in her early twenties.

After deciding she wanted to be a lawyer instead, she relocated to So Paulo to work as a high-class prostitute to help pay for college.

Her sex profession brought her into contact with Marcos, a Japanese rich businessman who was married to his first wife at the time.

However, Marcos, the heir to the Yoki food company, moved in with Elize before he was divorced.

Elize and Marcos later married and had a daughter together named Helena.

Helena’s father, however, died tragically when she was just one year old.

Tensions were rising between the couple amid accusations of adultery and a dispute over their daughter’s custody.

And it all culminated in Elize stuffing Marcos’ mangled body into a suitcase.

Elize, now 47, enlisted the help of a private investigator to establish that her husband was having an affair.

Elize went home on May 19, 2012, after spending three days with her sick grandmother.

Marcos was caught on camera kicking the elevator before grabbing a takeaway. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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